Monday, November 4, 2013

Part One of: What's the Best Spray Tan Solution?

Let’s face it: every company in the world is going to say that their solution is the best you can possibly ask for. The truth is though that the best solution is not created by gimmicks and clever marketing schemes, it’s created in the lab. No matter how many gimmicks they use to cover up bad science, a poorly-made solution will always result in an ugly tan; however, choosing the best solution means that you will also be choosing the healthiest, most natural-looking tan that both colors and fades evenly. With that in mind, there are several things that you should be on the lookout for when trying to find which product is right for you and your clients.

Who is making your solution?

First and foremost, you should know who is creating the solution you are spraying onto your clients. Have you ever had a friend who “knows tons about plumbing” come over to help fix that leaky sink and ended up with Niagara Falls suddenly appearing in your kitchen? Would you trust that same friend who now decided he “knows tons about spray tans” mixing a solution for you in their garage, or would you want skincare professionals and chemists working in a laboratory to create a perfect product?

It’s important to know that you are being taken care of, that your money is buying you the best product on the market, and that your clients will be completely satisfied and returning for more. You shouldn’t settle for some Average Joe character who has to prove that his “special juice” is great by drinking it—what does that prove? Sure he’s made a delicious beverage, but weren’t you looking for a spray tan? Instead of being forced to drink the formula, wouldn’t you rather spray it on someone’s skin and see the results for yourself? Don’t risk your success with knockoff formulas and two-bit solutions; do your research, look into who is making the solution, and choose the best that money can buy.

Allergy free--Oil-free--Alcohol-free--Worry free

Safety concern: avoid fragrances!

A good solution doesn’t contain any fragrance oils because it doesn’t need to cover up the terrible smell of poorly-treated DHA, disgusting oils, and eye-watering alcohols; this means that your customers get to decide how they want to smell, and it means that they are receiving a safe, healthy, natural tan.

Alcohol: only fun if in your drinks

Have you ever used hand sanitizer and been unlucky enough to have a cut on your hand? There’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Now imagine you’re being sprayed head to toe with hand sanitizer and you forgot that you scraped your knee yesterday: Ouch. Hand sanitizer stings because it contains alcohol; a solution that includes alcohol will sting just as badly on any cut, scrape, or sore—so why use it? This is supposed to be a calming, relaxing, fun activity for your client, not a trip to the dentist to have a root canal. If you use a solution that doesn’t include alcohol there will be no sting, and thus no screaming clients.

Alcohol dries out your skin and causes blackheads and acne. Nobody wants a tan at the cost of having an embarrassing breakout. If you choose a solution that does not include alcohol, you can rest assured that your clients will not have to worry about unsightly blemishes occurring as a result of their tan.

Oils: great in Vinaigrettes, not in spray tans

You don’t want a product with oil in it for several reasons. First of all: oil isn’t even needed in your product if it has been formulated correctly. Oil is used in poorly made products to counteract the DHA, which dries out the skin (remember: DHA is the active tanning ingredient in a solution). A water-based moisturizer can also be used; but, because it is slightly more expensive, most companies choose not to use it and produce a low-quality, sticky, smelly solution as a result.

Having a water-based moisturizer means having a solution that feels like a gentle mist being sprayed onto your body. It means a solution that isn’t filled with unneeded ingredients, and it means a more natural, more even tan. Long story short, you should always choose a solution with the most natural ingredients: When it rains, does it rain water or oil? (If you answered oil, you should seriously consider moving)