Monday, November 18, 2013

Part Two: Easy-fix solutions to spray gun problems, Over spray


Overspray—The dreaded “Fog”: nobody wants to feel like they are getting a spray tan from a sneezing giant so you should be doing your best to ensure that your gun is spraying a fine, gentle mist.

One of the causes of over spray is that your spray gun’s trigger is set to allow too much solution to pass through when the gun is “fired”. What this does is allow the needle at the tip of your gun to pull back too far and thus let more solution shoot out.

To fix: try adjusting how far back the trigger can be pulled. To do this, adjust the nob at the back of your spray gun (located just beneath the connection with the air hose) and tighten it until the trigger cannot be pulled at all (Remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey).

Each gun has a different trigger sensitivity, but the following method works for every spray gun we produce:

1. With no cup of spray tan solution in the gun, turn the machine on and begin “shooting” air through the spray gun. Note: because the nob has been completely tightened, no solution would be able to get through if the cup was in place.

2. Begin loosening the nob, all the while still gently pulling the trigger (don’t pull too hard that you have to struggle against yourself to unscrew the nob). 

3. As soon as any give occurs in the trigger, stop unscrewing the nob! Now, you can unscrew the nob a tiny bit more, but to be safe try the gun out in this position first. 

4. At this point, your gun should not cause any more over spray (unless the needle needs to be cleaned).

The easiest way to demonstrate how to clean your spray gun is with a direct link to our video: Cleaning my spray gun.

This will cover everything you need to know and should fix your over spray problem if resetting the trigger has not.

Hopefully, your problems have been solved. If, for whatever reason, your spray gun still does not seem to be fixed after reading these three articles--or you are confused about any part--please call Aviva Labs and we will help you sort it out.