Monday, September 26, 2016

What's a Good Spray Tan Machine?

Eco-2 Mighty Mist: Tier Three Spray Tan Machine

Our engineering team has conducted hundreds of hours of research, testing and comparing thousands of machines, and have broken down all of the equipment out on the market today into four categories. Now, keep in mind that there are many machines that fall within each category, but this will help you narrow down your search tremendously.

So let’s talk about the different categories:

Tier One

These machines are your lowest quality machines and should be avoided at all costs. They are cheap, and are cheap for a reason. Usually manufactured in China, these machines usually break down within six months and cost between $80-$200, and are prone to clogging. Worst of all they are made with plastic parts that produce very unreliable spray patterns and break easily, including flimsy hoses which often fray or even break open.
Look out for hose damage with Tier 1 Spray Tan Machines!

These machines often also cannot be disassembled so when they do clog, which they ALWAYS eventually do, you won’t be able to clean it and will have to buy a brand new one. In the end, these machines end up costing you far more than a Tier Two or Three ever would. These are the majority of machines you will see on the market.
Note: If you must get a tier one machine, look for: steel internal parts in the gun (especially the needle!) and quick connect couplings on the turbine and gun (twist fittings often break or pop loose during spray tan sessions).

Tier Two

Tier two machines are typically priced around $300-$500. They have varying reliability depending on the manufacturer, and are often a little too loud for some businesses (like spas, quiet salons, or anyone looking for a quieter, more relaxed experience), but they can be a great, affordable choice for mobile users because they are easier to carry and usually designed with travel in mind. The best tier two machines have been rigorously tested and proven to work for up to 5,000 hours of operating time!
T100X Mini-Mist: Tier Two Spray Tan Machine

Tier Three:

This tier is when you start getting into the high quality machines that are still relatively inexpensive. Costing from $600 to $900, these machines are usually a little heavier than the Tier Two machines, but are also dramatically quieter—enough so that you can have an easy conversation with your client while spray tanning. Tier Three machines are usually built with two turbines (Tier One and Two machines are only built with one) and as such are very durable, earning their price point by outliving all other machines on the market, even when you’re doing dozens of spray tans a day.

Tier Four

Simply put, Tier Four machines are not worth the money. These machines look very sexy, come with tons of gadgets and features you will never need or use, and are usually simply “dolled up” versions of Tier Three machines with a significantly increased price point. You can expect to pay $1,000 to even $5,000 for a Tier Four machine, with no measurable benefit beyond the bragging rights of owning one. They don’t provide a better spray pattern, don’t make tanning easier, and don’t last longer than Tier Three machines. It is for these reasons that we refuse to even sell these machines.
I hope this has clarified a few things, and hopefully has helped you decide which tier is right for you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to spray tan a bald man

Tan Credit: Tamara Stochel using Aviva Labs Original 10%. Photo Taken 5 days into the tan!

How to spray tan a bald man

The idea of spray tanning a bald man scares a lot of people. They are worried that the tan won't match, and when the tan is in such a visible area it's perfectly acceptable to be a bit nervous about tanning your first bald man! Luckily the technique is actually quite easy and can be done quickly: good news if you're on a tight schedule!

Before the tan: Make sure he hasn't shaved his head within the last 24 hours, recently applied sunblock or moisturizer as the residues from these can all block a tan. If possible, make sure he exfoliates his scalp as this will remove any stubborn dead skin cells and help the tan apply more evenly and fade more naturally.

During the tan: It is important not to apply too much solution to his head because you don't want it dark by comparison. This can be tricky because most men will already be getting some sun and have a slight tan on their head already--perhaps less so in the winter months. The best technique, regardless, is to lightly mist over his head until it is blended with the bronzer in comparison to the rest of his tan. I say lightly because you also don't want to have excess spray filtering down onto his neck, face, or shoulders.

Tan Credit: Amanda Bowling of Glowout

Technique 1: When spraying his back, allow his neck to dry and then have him crane his neck and tilt his head slightly back, spraying side to side, starting up towards the forehead and moving back towards the neck, blending as you go (remember: roughly double the normal distance and lighter spraying)

Technique 2: Have the client crouch down slightly and tilt head forward. Standing on the side of him, lightly spray from the forehead to the back of the skull, continuing down the neck as needed for blending purposes. (remember: roughly double the normal distance and lighter spraying)

Technique 3: When you are spray tanning his face just ask him to bend his head forward so that you can spray his head. This is just a variation on technique 1 so you will want to start towards the back of his head and move towards his forehead, spraying side to side, blending as you go (and remember: roughly double the normal distance and lighter spraying!)

Post-Tanning: Moisturize! Because the skin on top of his head is exposed to the elements his tan is going to fade faster unless he maintains a healthy moisturizing regimen (it wouldn't hurt to offer him a light tan extender for this purpose either!) And remember: no soaps or shower products on first rinse off of the bronzer! If he's going to be sleeping in his tan before rinsing off then make sure he knows not to sleep with a hand touching his head or he'll be in for some really interesting patterns when he wakes up!

What NOT to wear after the tan: Advise him not to wear any tight-knit caps or tight baseball hats after his spray tan. Also make sure he knows that if he is going to wear a hat then he needs to make sure it's not going to make his head sweat AND that he can't fiddle with it: it's either on or off--don't keep putting it on and taking it off or he's going to rub off a majority of the tan before it can develop!