Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Part Two of: Where can I find organic spray tan solution? Organic checklist

Not sure what you should be looking for in an organic spray tan solution? Below is a checklist to help you out:

√   Hypoallergenic—Over half of all Americans have allergies. It’s your choice: risk an allergic reaction or avoid worrying altogether. I don’t know about you, but I sure know what I would prefer if I had a choice between suffering an allergic reaction and getting a spray tan that was healthy and natural.

√   FDA approval—Simply put: if the FDA says it’s healthy enough to eat, then it’s definitely healthy enough to tan with. Personally I wouldn’t encourage you to drink any spray tan solution because people will look at you like you’re slightly crazy, but nothing will happen if you do accidentally get some in your mouth.
√   Vegan—This is more for peace of mind of your client: they want to feel good about their product. There is no reason whatsoever for animal products to be used in a spray tan, and besides: animal testing is just mean (although I imagine an English bulldog would look adorable with a tan). 

Complete this checklist and you may have found a product that is tested to be safe, and remember: by keeping a product simple (as in: it does not include unnecessary oils, fragrances, and alcohols), you are also choosing a solution that is healthy, natural, and safe!